Emirates Group hosts conference on best recruitment practices through technology and social sourcing

Emirates Group recruitment today hosted its first conference around best recruitment practices through technology and social sourcing.

The conference, driven by Emirates Group and supported by LinkedIn, focused on the use of social media for sourcing and recruiting, and aimed to address the challenges posed in identifying the right talent that meets the changing needs of today’s business environment, as well as the technology required to support this. The role of integrated social sourcing strategies to drive talent acquisition going forward was also discussed.

Amira Al Awadhi, Vice President National Recruitment and Development for Emirates Group said: “With the tremendous growth of a number of industries in the MENA region, utilizing socially and technologically led recruitment strategies are essential to attracting both active and passive talent. Today’s conference was a great platform to come together and discuss our experiences as a Group and to learn from other companies. Our aim is to continue to move forward and innovate in the business of talent acquisition, because our people are what give us an added edge in today’s competitive business environment.”

Talent acquisition professionals from over 40 companies based in the region hailing from industries like automotive, hospitality, banking, FMCG and technology attended the one day event. Panel discussions revolved around getting the most from using social media when recruiting and featured discussions around the latest social recruiting trends, case studies and best practices. Panels also discussed the successes and challenges of recruiting local UAE talent, and how brands differentiate themselves to attract strong candidates. The role of destination branding in employer recruitment strategies was also deliberated.

Keynote speakers and presenters included Amira Al Awadhi, Vice President National Recruitment and Development, - Emirates Group, Jim Rackett, Human Resources Manager, Recruitment Support Services, and Richard Mosley - Global Vice President of Strategy for Universum. Panel sessions were moderated by LinkedIn.

Emirates uses a variety of social media platforms for its recruitment needs and has a growing social following on platforms such as LinkedIn. The airline currently has the largest following on LinkedIn in the Middle East with over 500,000 followers.